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A Move Fit for a President

A Move Fit for a President

February 21, 2012 By King Relocation

A Move Fit for a President

February is a month of hearts and chocolate, Mardi Gras parties, the commemoration of Black History Month, and the remembrance of two of our nation’s most notable presidents – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

In honor of President’s Day, we thought it would be fun to look at Presidential moves, particularly the most important move that places a new family in the White House every four to eight years.

George Washington is the only president in our Nation’s history never to have lived in the White House, as construction was in progress during his term as President of the United States. In November 1800, President John Adams and his family became the first family to live in the White House, and since that time, 42 presidential families have occupied the residence.

Presidential moves have required great thought and planning, and must be executed quickly and efficiently. These days, they are completed within a matter of hours, all on Inauguration Day. However, anyone who has ever moved will understand that the process can take days, sometimes weeks, to pack, move, and then unpack again. So how is it that the President of the United States is able to move into the White House within a matter of hours, while the former president moves out at the same time?

For starters, the president-elect is first responsible for transporting all of his family’s personal belongings from his home to a White House storage facility, which the Secret Server oversees for safety purposes. This typically takes place in the weeks leading up to the inauguration. Then, on Inauguration Day, the move-in begins mid-morning when the new president’s belonging are brought to the White House. Once the belongings arrive, the Chief Usher will coordinate the entire process with nearly 100 residential staff members, providing floor plans and photos that indicate where personal items are to be placed in the private residence. At the same time, the former president’s belonging are moved out of the residence, loaded into boxes, and shipped via van and cargo plane to his new residence. This is all done within a matter of hours, and by the time the President and First Lady return from the swearing in ceremony to prepare for the evening’s festivities, they are completely moved in.

While this sounds complicated, we must remember that the White House staff, much like the staff here at King Companies are passionate about making each presidential move the most efficient, safe and secure move possible. They take great care to ensure that this process is carried out in a manner of great professionalism and organization. Otherwise, the results could be disastrous – a mix-up of belongings simply would not do for our great nation’s first families.

So, next time we inaugurate a new president, think about everything that is going on behind the scenes that day, apart from preparations for the many balls and parties to celebrate the occasion, as there is undoubtedly a busy group of people scurrying around the White House doing their best to ensure a smooth transition as one important family moves out, and another one moves in.

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