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A Successful Relocation Requires Teamwork!

A Successful Relocation Requires Teamwork!

March 13, 2012 By King Relocation

A Successful Relocation Requires Teamwork!

Everywhere you look, there are teams. In business, collaboration between teams of workers is often the key to driving organizational success. In sports, it takes a team working together to win a game or championship. Likewise, when relocating a business or home, you need a team of people to ensure that the move is a success. From the person who organizes the move, to those responsible for packing and loading items to be moved, to the driver of the vehicle, each of these people plays an important role in making sure that your move is executed as planned.

This month, college basketball teams from across the United States will compete for the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s Division I Basketball Championship, a tradition that was first established in 1939 by the National Association of Basketball Coaches. Generally referred to as March Madness, during this annual tournament 68 college teams participate in games held over three consecutive weekends to determine the winning NCAA Championship team. UCLA holds the record for winning the most championships with 11 NCAA titles!

We realize that when it comes to moving, there are many more moving companies to choose from, than teams that compete each March in the NCAA Basketball Championship. And, while there is no “championship tournament” to determine the best moving company, we like to think that we have an “all star” team here at King Relocation Services, that is ready to serve you by providing the highest levels of professionalism during your business or residential move.

For each and every move, our “coaches” will meet with you and plan your move, helping you develop a strategy that will ensure that your relocation is a “slam dunk.” They will then hand you off to our “point guard” who will coordinate the details of your move. We have a highly skilled team of “shooting guards” who are there to pack and un-pack, our “forwards” are experts at loading and unloading, and our “center,” or driver, will get your belongings safely to your destination.

As you can see, it takes a great team to execute a successful move, and we hope that you will choose the team here at King Relocation Services for your next move!

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