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Beyond Relocation: Five King Office Services to Consider in 2014

Beyond Relocation: Five King Office Services to Consider in 2014

December 11, 2013 By King Office

 Beyond Relocation: Five King Office Services to Consider in 2014

You may not realize this, but at King Office Services, we do much more than move offices. In fact, we offer five auxiliary services that you should consider in 2014 – Asset ManagementInstallation,Artwork ServicesLiquidation and Technology Services.

Asset Management: Assets managed by King Office Services include office furniture, computers and technology equipment, office records, and more. Our Asset Management services for businesses encompass three areas: physically warehousing and delivering assets; managing assets that are located in your facility; and, managing assets that are securely stored in one of our warehouses.

No business is too small to take advantage of King Office Services Asset Management. In fact, we can manage anything from a single desk, to an entire fleet of computers, to large-scale office furniture.  And, some of the key benefits afforded by our Asset Management Services include our ability to help you reduce costs by freeing-up valuable onsite space when you transfer your assets to our facilities, and reduce the time your employees spend managing those assets. Each of the assets stored and managed by King Office Services receives a barcode that is stored online along with a photo of the asset, so that you can view your items 24/7.

Installation Services: King Office Services offers a full suite of office and warehouse installation services including configuring and installing modular cubicles and furniture, shelving, file cabinets and more. Our installers have been trained on all major and most second market furniture brands including Allsteel, Haller USM, Hon, IOC, Knoll, Northeast Quick Wall, Steelcase, Trendway, DIRTT, Hayworth, Infinium, KI, Meridian, Nova-Link, Teknion Altos, Transwall, Global, Herman Miller, Inscape, Kimball, Nienkamper, SBFI Trading Desks, and Woodtronics.

Artwork Services: If you have artwork that you need installed in your office space, or would like an expert to help you select and plan your artwork installation, King Office Services can help. Our art experts can provide consultation services on how to select artwork that is aesthetically pleasing, is aligned with the mission and values of your organization, and fits within the available space.

Liquidation: Businesses that are downsizing or need to liquidate assets can count on King Office Services to assist then in selling new and used furniture, racking, shelving, file systems and other office assets.

Technology Services: King Technology Services understands technology inside and out. With more than 45 years of combined computer experience, we are well prepared for any IT situation. From software installs to hardware moves, our tech team has the experience and knowhow to relocate sensitive technology and complete each project on time and within budget.

Our Technology Services include disconnecting, moving and reconnecting PCs, monitors, peripherals, power, network and KVM equipment; new equipment rollout and deployment; cabling installation and abatement; equipment cleaning; PC testing and validation; un-racking and re-racking equipment; peripheral reconfiguration; device labeling and tagging; donate, re-use and e-waste disposal; and data “wipe” services.

King Companies, an agent of United Van Lines, a UniGroup Company, is a one-stop-shop for small and large offices, manufacturing and technical facilities, and professional businesses that are on the move. We hope that you will consider King Office Services as your “go-to” resource for your office relocation, asset management, storage, installation and liquidation needs. To learn more about King Office Services, visit

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