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Five Reasons to Count on King for Your Next Office Relocation

Five Reasons to Count on King for Your Next Office Relocation

August 18, 2015 By King Office

Office Relocation

Did you know that King Office Services offers a one-stop-shop for relocating small and large offices; manufacturing and technical facilities, including data centers; libraries and art galleries; laboratories and medical facilities; and, even television studios? Or, that our team has decades of knowledge and experience that we use to analyze each and every office move, and identify the unique relocation requirements of our clients in order to ensure success?

Fact is, not all relocation companies are created equal, and at King Companies we are very proud of the high quality of customer service and personalized attention we have been providing to our clients since 1955. Each and every day, we strive to create an experience that will keep our customers coming back.

Many of our loyal customers and partners already know what sets King Companies apart from our competition, and here are five reasons they continue to count on us to fulfill their office relocation needs:

1. Value: Our labor, truck, equipment and warehouse resources are among the largest in Southern California. We also guarantee that our competitive pricing will provide your business with the MOST value for its transportation dollar, and you will receive full cargo protection and timely services assurance.
2. Project Management: We believe that project management is the key to any successful move. Leveraging our Plan Right™ process, we take into account every detail of your move, giving it equal importance. We also take time to ensure we fully understand the scope of your move, assessing all aspects from the relocation of furniture, to the tear-down and set-up of cubicles, to the disconnecting and re-connecting of computers, printers, servers and other technology equipment used by the business.
3. Pre-move Support: We take the same care with pre-move preparations as the actual packing and crating of your items. As a part of our service, we work with you to determine the packing solution that best fits your needs, from basic boxes to standard crates, or customized wood crating for special items such as paintings, sculpture and artwork.
4. Trucking and Transportation: We are a full service organization. After we pack your assets, we seamlessly transition into the trucking/transportation phase of your move, and then into the physical relocation of each and every box, piece of furniture, and associated equipment.
5. Follow Up: We always request a follow up review with you after completion of the move to ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of our moving services, and we can provide a range of post-move assistance services.

As an agent of United Van Lines, King Companies has the resources and expertise to be your “go-to” resource for all your office relocation needs. Whether you are moving 10 people or 10,000 people, King Office Services strives to ensure that your next office move will be the best you will ever make.

We hope that you will consider King Companies for your future relocation needs. To learn more about our services, visit is at And, don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for our latest news and updates!

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