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Five Tips for Relocating Across International Borders

Five Tips for Relocating Across International Borders

February 14, 2017 By King Relocation

Five Tips for Relocating Across International Borders

Relocating to a foreign country can a fun and exciting adventure. Yet, regardless of whether you are moving across international borders to take on a new job or position within your current company; study at a local university; take a sabbatical; or, even retire, there is much to consider when embarking on an international relocation. As such, we asked the international relocation experts here at King Companies for their advice when it comes to moving to a foreign country, and they offered up the following five tips:

  • 1) Do your homework: When it comes to choosing a relocation firm, the best ones are often trusted referrals so ask your employer, friends or family members for recommendations. Next, research these firms online to find out what current and former customers have to say about their services. You should also check with the Federal Maritime Commission’s (FMC) Office of Consumer Affairs and Dispute Resolution Services (CADRS) as well as consumer protection agencies and the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the relocation firm does not have any unresolved complaints. Once you have narrowed down your search, check to make sure the firm is properly licensed for international relocations. Reputable international household goods movers will be licensed by the FMC as an Ocean Transportation Intermediary, or OTI. It is important to note that different licensing is needed for cross-border relocations to Canada and Mexico, so check with your relocation firm to make sure they have the proper licensing and paperwork in place for these types of moves.
  • 2) Know the rules: Depending on where you are moving, there may be specific rules and regulations about items that are allowed in the country. The U.S. Department of State offers travel and relocation resources and informational booklets on their website for civilian, military, U.S. Government and State Foreign Service Personnel.
  • 3) Have proper documentation: Avoid delays and possible fines during your international relocation by obtaining and completing all required documentation and customs paperwork, and paying any fees. A professional mover can provide information on fee structures and customs regulations for your moving destination.
  • 4) Understand the costs: The cost of an international relocation can vary based on the moving destination and requirements. Whether you are relocating temporarily or permanently, you should know in advance how much it will cost to move your household goods, as well as any expenses associated with storing items either in the U.S., if the move is temporary, or overseas until you find a permanent home.
  • 5) Protect yourself and your belongings: Take inventory of your household goods, along with their estimated value for insurance purposes. Next, consult with your relocation firm regarding their insurance offerings and coverage levels for the replacement of items lost or damaged during the move. It is also a good idea to speak with your insurance agent to obtain their recommendations on coverage during an international move.

Last, but not least, they wanted to remind us that like any relocation, proper planning and preparation can go a long way toward ensuring that your international move goes as smoothly as possible.

If you, or someone you know has an international relocation in their future, we hope that the tips our experts have provided will prove to be helpful. For more information on international relocations, check out these resources from United Van Lines and UniGroup:

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