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How to “Plan Right” for Your Upcoming Office Move

How to “Plan Right” for Your Upcoming Office Move

January 22, 2013 By King Office

How to “Plan Right” for Your Upcoming Office Move

If you are a business owner or office manager who is planning an upcoming office move, you are likely concerned about several factors:

  • – Completing your office move in a smooth and timely fashion

  • – Reducing or eliminating down-time during the move

  • – Saving money on the cost of your move

As such, before deciding on how to execute your upcoming office, manufacturing or facility move, you may consult with several office relocation companies. However, as you consider your options, it is important to understand that all relocation companies are not created equal, and may not offer the same level or service or guarantee a smooth and timely move.

As one of the nation’s largest and most respected office, manufacturing and facility relocation companies, King Office Services offers experience that you can count on in your next move. In fact, we have completed tens of thousands of office and facility moves over the last 50 years.  And, because we specialize in office, manufacturing and facility moves, we can offer our customers consistently high quality of service, and a 100% on-time completion track record.

To help address and mitigate the concerns our customers have regarding their office relocations, we leverage our “Plan Right” process, which offers variety of services ranging from project management, to computer and furniture installations, to post-move follow-up activities that minimize down-time, so that your business can be up and running again as quickly as possible.

To ensure that your office, manufacturing or facility relocation goes as smoothly as possible, the “Plan Right” process involves several steps:

  • – A pre-move interview with key personnel to determine your needs and make sure that everyone is on the same page

  • – A site survey

  • – The development of process and scope-of-work plans that will be used as our “blueprint” to your move’s success

  • – Orientation and planning meetings with staff and key stakeholders to simplify the move

  • – The provision of materials including crates, boxes, tape and labels

  • – A pre-move walk-through and inspection

  • – Protection for your facility and assets during the move

  • – Assistance in decommissioning unnecessary furniture, equipment and other items

  • – Broom cleaning of your old facility

To assist us in developing your unique “plan right” office relocation blueprint, we use QuickQube, an industry-leading software program that leverages current time and motion studies to help us develop the optimum relocation solution for your office, manufacturing or facility move. We also use this program to develop a budget and move plan that ensures you receive the most value for your dollar, and your relocation is completed on time.

We hope that you will consider King Office Services for your next office, manufacturing or facility move. To learn more about our services, visit the King Office Services Website.

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