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International Moving Terms

International Moving Terms

July 1, 2020 By King Relocation

International Moving Terms

International Relocations 101: Common Terms You Should Know


Moving across international borders can be an exciting adventure for you and your family. And while there are many similarities between domestic and international relocations, there is some specific terminology you should be familiar with in order to better understand the process and make decisions regarding your move.


Among the most important terms to understand are those that refer to the three distinct components of any international relocation:


  • Origin Services. These services include anything that involves departure from the point of origin including packing and moving your household items.
  • Transportation of Goods. This refers to how the goods are going to be shipped, i.e. via air, truck, rail or boat.
  • Destination Services. These are the services you will receive when your household items arrive at the point of entry, i.e. customs.


Beyond that, there are a few other terms that you may hear being used during this process:


  • Customs Clearance. When your household goods enter or leave another country, a duty (or fee) must be paid so that the items can be shipped across international borders. It is important that your documentation regarding the items you are moving to another country are complete, and written in clear and concise language. This, along with your personal identification documents (passports, visas, etc.) and any required entry permits can ensure that your international relocation goes as smoothly as possible. For more details on customs clearance and permitting, contact the embassy of the country you are moving to, or engage with an international relocations specialist who can further assist you in this process.
  • Packing List. For international relocations, especially, it is important to have a detailed packing list. This can help with customs clearance as it tells them exactly what you are bringing with you to your new home. Make sure that the list matches up with what you have packed, or this could cause some challenges down the road when dealing with customs.


When completing an international relocation, there are also several types of moves that you’ll want to consider based on your budget and available resources:


  • Door-to-Door. This all-inclusive relocation means that your moving company will handle the entire relocation of your household goods – from origin to destination.
  • Warehouse-to-Door. This type of relocation is when you pack your own goods and deliver them to your relocation firm’s warehouse. From there your moving company will take care of delivery to your final destination.
  • Port-to-Door. As the customer, you are responsible for transferring your household goods to the port of departure. Once at the port, a freight forwarder will generally handle the remainder of the move, delivering your household goods to their final destination.
  • Port-to-Port. This option requires you to get your household items to the departure port so that the freight forwarder can then deliver the goods to the entrance port. From there, you are responsible for customs clearance, port fees and getting your items to their final destination.


At King Companies, we understand the unique challenges associated with international relocations. As an agent of United Van Lines, we have the resources and experience that comes from decades of helping businesses relocate their employees around the globe. We are also a member of the UniGroup Worldwide Moving, which delivers expert international moving services in more than 160 countries around the world.


If you, or someone you know, is looking for assistance in planning an international relocation, let King Companies help you make it your best move yet. Call us today at 800-854-3679.

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As an agent of United Van Lines, King Companies has the resources and expertise to be your “go-to” resource for all relocation needs. Whether you are relocating your household, moving an office, or are in need of logistics services, we strive to ensure that your next move will be the best you will ever make. Call us today at 800-854-3679 to learn more.

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