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Items you Should Not Pack When Relocating

Items you Should Not Pack When Relocating

July 10, 2012 By King Relocation

Items you Should Not Pack When Relocating

There are certain steps that are part of any relocation, whether it is across town or across the country. Generally, you will hire a moving company or truck, arrange for the transfer of your utilities, re-direct your mail, and often you will have a garage sale, or donate items that you don’t want to take with you.

In addition to items that you no longer want, you may be in possession of items that should not be packed for any move, regardless of distance and location. Common sense generally prevails, but some of the items on the following list may surprise you.

  1. 1.) Flammable, hazardous, corrosive or explosive items. Things like acid, sterno, gasoline, motor oil, pesticides, fertilizers, charcoal, lighter fluid, matches, paints, car batteries, ammunition and firearms should never be boxed up and packed with your other belongings in the moving truck. Also, household and beauty items including aerosols, nail polish, and polish remover should never be packed. If you are in possession of any of these dangerous items, it is best to consult your local recycler, fire department or the closest branch of the Environmental Protection Agency, for guidance on how to properly dispose of these materials.

  2. 2.) Perishables. For moves across town, a cooler and proper packing can help you preserve perishable items including frozen foods, meats, eggs, dairy products, fruits and vegetables and juices. For long distance moves, all perishables should be disposed of prior to the move.

  3. 3.) Plants. Properly packed indoor and outdoor plants can be easily moved across town. However, for long distance moves, it is recommended that you find a new home for the plants.

  4. 4.) Personal and irreplaceable items. Do not pack your personal files including passport, birth certificate, marriage license, insurance papers, wills or other documents with your belongings. These should be carried with you in your vehicle, or by whatever mode of transportation you will be taking to your new residence. Additionally, you also should carry your address book; important family photos; keys to your car, house or safety deposit boxes; tax records; school records; stock certificates; valuable jewelry; important letters; your computer and mobile electronic devices such as tablets and e-readers; and, any medications.

Also, as you plan for your move, in addition to making arrangements for all of the items you should not pack, there are a few other considerations:

  1. 1.) Drain oil and fuel from gardening tools and other machinery.

  2. 2.) Disconnect the batteries from all battery-operated machinery. This includes taking the batteries out of household appliances, toys and other items.

  3. 3.) Disconnect the propane tank from your barbecue or other equipment and return it to an authorized collection center.

  4. 4.) Properly dispose of partially used paint and oil cans, or leave them for the new residents of the home so that they have them for paint touch ups. Make sure that these items are properly marked when you vacate the home.

When preparing for your move, it is always best to consult your moving professional on their rules and regulations to ensure that you are not packing items that should not and cannot be moved. King Relocation Services is here to help, and we hope that you will consider us as a partner in your upcoming relocation.

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