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Q & A: Getting to Know King Logistics

Q & A: Getting to Know King Logistics

June 15, 2017 By King Logistics

Q & A: Getting to Know King Logistics

For more than half a century, King Companies has been providing residential and office relocation services. Even after this many years, though, one of the best kept secrets about our company is that we provide third-party logistics services.

To help you learn more about these services, we recently sat down for a short Q & A with the experts at King Logistics:

Q: What is King Logistics and what services do you provide?
A: King Logistics provides third-party logistics services for a variety of customer and commodity types. While we have the resources and technology to provide a diverse range of services for most commodities throughout the supply chain, King Logistics focuses on two primary services: transportation and warehousing.

Q: Speaking of resources and technology, what does King Logistics offer?
A: We offer safe, clean and temperature controlled facilities with round-the-clock security; 24/7 online access to inventory and ordering; secure barcode tracking and photos of inventory; customized pallets and crates to keep valuables safe and in perfect condition; secure transit; and, cross-dock, fulfillment and last-mile services.

Q: What are King Logistics’ core areas of expertise? Do you specialize in any vertical markets?
A: Through a network of warehouses and local delivery vehicles, we move a wide variety of finished products and specialized commodities for a broad range of vertical markets throughout the supply chain. These include electronic, telecommunications and medical equipment; data centers and computer rooms; libraries; retail displays, fixtures and point-of-sale items; fixtures, furniture and equipment for hotels, furnished apartments, dormitories, hospitals and nursing homes; wind power, solar systems and other alternative energy equipment.

Q: I’m opening a retail location and I want to know how King Logistics would handle fixture roll-outs for my business?
A: Protecting your valuable fixtures is our priority. We provide photos and documentation of successful deliveries. 24/7 online tracking will ensure your stores can prepare and plan for the receiving, installation of your fixtures.

Q: My company participates in a number of tradeshows throughout the year. Can King Logistics help?
A: When it comes to tradeshows, we will transport you exhibit from point A to point B with pad-wrap protection. Don’t risk the outcome of your show by leaving the delivery up to chance.

Q: Does King Logistics offer reverse logistics services?
A: We transport your products for return, re-purpose, refurbishment, or decommissioning. We also offer storage and management programs to ensure your assets are secure until you decide to dispose or redeploy them.

Q: How does King Logistics handle LTL and FTL Shipments?
A: No matter how big or small our full truck load (FTL) or less than truck load (LTL) services provide reliable transportation of your goods, coast-to-coast.

Q: What about inventory management? Is that available nationwide through King Logistics?
A: The services we provide extend nationwide and provide a cost-effective means of transportation while we handle the management, tracking and delivery of your products.

Q: What do I need to know about planning and organization when I engage with King Logistics?
A: Our experts ensure that any shipment, regardless of size gets to its destination on time and within budget through pre-planning, scheduling, carrier management, warehousing logistics, inventory tracking, delivery notifications, set-up, installations, tear-downs, decommissioning, distribution and billing for all local, long distance and international transportation services.

We know that you have many options when it comes to selecting a third-party logistics provider, and when you choose to partner with King Logistics, you can rest assured that you are hiring a leader in transportation and warehousing.

Furthermore, as a member of the UniGroup family, a worldwide network of relocation companies with more than 1,300 service centers in 146 countries on six continents, we provide businesses like yours across the globe with superior project management and technologies to support all of their logistics needs.

To learn more about King Logistics and the steps we take ensure our clients’ cargo is safely and securely moved from point A to point B, please visit

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