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Storage 101: Three Key Steps to Take When Storing Valuables and Keepsakes

Storage 101: Three Key Steps to Take When Storing Valuables and Keepsakes

August 2, 2021 By King Relocation

Storage 101: Three Key Steps to Take When Storing Valuables and Keepsakes

Storage 101: Three Key Steps to Take When Storing Valuables and Keepsakes


As humans, we like to collect things. Often, we will surround ourselves with items that remind us of our childhood or family members who are no longer with us. We collect music, books, artwork and antiques because they bring joy, can reduce our stress levels, and even provide us with pride of ownership.


However, there comes a time when many of us realize that we have too much stuff – the bookshelves are overflowing; the walls are full; you can’t squeeze in one more piece of furniture without creating a fire hazard; or, you are downsizing to a smaller space that won’t accommodate all your treasures.


If any of this sounds familiar, it means that you are likely at a point in life where you must decide whether to keep or toss the beloved items you have so diligently curated. The good news is that you don’t have to simply throw out or give away your valuables. Instead, professional storage services enable you to keep items you love, so you can access  them later, or pass down to loved ones when the time comes.


However, there are a few things you should know before you decide to move your valuables and keepsakes into storage. So, we asked the experts here at King Companies for three steps that should be taken when engaging with a professional storage services company.


  • Create an inventory. Before you research professional storage companies, create an inventory of the items you are wishing to place in storage. The company you hire will need to be able to know how much you will be storing in order to provide an estimate for the cost of the services. It’s also important to know the value of the items you’ll be storing for insurance purposes.
  • Do your research. There are many options when it comes to storage services. We’ve all driven by the do-it-yourself storage companies, but you might not be aware that many major moving companies like United Van Lines, provide professional storage services. Look at what is available in your area and be sure to ask:
    1. How easy will it be for me to access my items once they are in storage?
    2. How will you secure and protect my items?
    3. Do you offer climate-controlled storage? (This is especially important if you are storing wood furniture, paintings and artwork.)
    4. Will my items be stored in a shared space, or will I have my own storage unit? Can I increase/decrease the amount of storage should my needs change?
    5. Do you offer packing services? Are you able to help me move my items into storage?
  • Prepare items for storage. Once you have selected a storage company that will meet your needs, you must then prepare your items for storage. Sometimes the company will provide packing services for a fee, but if you prefer to pack yourself there are a few things to consider:
    1. Give your items a thorough cleaning to remove any dust or grime.
    2. Disassemble large items, such as furniture, for easier storage.
    3. Wrap fragile items carefully and strategically pack them to reduce damage.
    4. Be sure to label and list the contents on the outside of the each box. Clear plastic boxes are a great option as they can prevent dust and dirt from collecting over time on your items.
    5. If your items have a high monetary value, consider purchasing supplemental insurance to protect those items in the event of theft or disaster.


King Companies has been helping individuals and families successfully relocate and store household goods for more than 60 years. We offer safe, clean, secure, temperature-controlled storage solutions to meet both short and long-term storage needs. To learn more, call us today at 800.854.3679.

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