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When it Comes to Office Relocation, Not Just Anyone Will Do

When it Comes to Office Relocation, Not Just Anyone Will Do

June 11, 2014 By King Office

When it Comes to Office Relocation, Not Just Anyone Will Do

Businesses have several options when it comes to office relocation. There’s the “do-it-yourself” approach; a “hybrid” solution where the professionals are typically just brought in to move assets and equipment from point A to point B; and, the “full service” approach where the business relies on its relocation firm to handle everything related to the move – from planning to execution.

At King Office Services, we’ve seen it all, and in most cases, businesses that have moved themselves will tell us in hindsight that they wish they had hired a professional moving company. After factoring in manpower resources, time, equipment and transportation costs, the DIY approach ended up costing more than it would have to outsource the move. As such, based on the experiences of others, outsourcing is probably sounding like the best way to go for your next office move, right? It is, if you hire the right firm for the job.

The reality is that not all relocation companies are created equal. Quality and customer service can vary widely based on expertise, number of years in the business, and available resources. The bottom line – hire the wrong firm and your move could potentially end in disaster.

So, where should you begin to look for the relocation firm that will successfully execute your next office move? If you start with the Yellow Pages or Google, you’ll soon discover that there are at least a dozen (or even more) firms to choose from, depending on where your company is located. And, randomly picking one from these lists can be like drawing a name out of a hat, especially if you know nothing about the firm or its reputation.

When choosing a relocation firm, you must thoroughly research the options that are available to you. Ask for references and reach out to the local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce to learn more about the business practices of the relocation firms you are considering, before making a final decision.

Additionally, check to make sure that the moving company has the right resources to handle the relocation. Perhaps you are moving a laboratory, data center, library or television studio? If so, your needs will be different from those of a medical office or law firm. Maybe your organization is downsizing and needs a warehousing solution for assets that it wants to keep in storage over the short, or even long term? Or needs help liquidating or decommissioning office furniture or equipment? Regardless, the relocation firm you choose should have the experience to fulfill your unique requirements.

Whether you are moving 10 people or 10,000 people, King Office Services has the expertise that guarantees your next office move will be the best you will ever make. In fact, one of the things that set King Office Services apart from our competition is the knowledge and experience that allows us to analyze every move, and identify the unique relocation requirements of each client, so that it is a successful move.

When your business hires Kings Office Services to assist with an office relocation, you will be able to take advantage of the following services:

1) Project Management: We believe that project management is the key to any successful move. Leveraging our Plan Right™ process, we take into account every detail of your move, giving it equal importance. We also take time to ensure we fully understand the scope of your move, assessing all aspects from the relocation of furniture, to the tear-down and set-up of cubicles, to the disconnecting and re-connecting of computers, printers, servers and other technology equipment used by the business.

2) Pre-move Activities: We take the same care with pre-move preparations as the actual packing and crating of your items. As a part of our service, we work with you to determine the packing solution that best fits your needs, from basic boxes to standard crates, or customized wood crating for special items such as paintings, sculpture and artwork.

3) Relocation: 
When it comes to the move itself, we’re a full service organization. After we pack your assets, we seamlessly transition into the trucking/transportation phase of your move, and then into the physical relocation of each and every box, piece of furniture, and associated equipment.

4)Follow Up:
 We always request a follow up review with you after completion of the move to ensure you are satisfied with every aspect of our moving services, and we can provide a range of post-move assistance services.

Another advantage to working with King Office Services is that our labor, truck, equipment and warehouse resources are among the largest in Southern California. We also guarantee that our competitive pricing will provide your business with the MOST value for its transportation dollar, and you will receive full cargo protection and timely services assurance.

We hope that you will consider King Office Services to be your “go-to” resource for your next office relocation. To learn more about King Office Services, visit

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